Lincoln 7 -The Self Made Man

    The Stanford Commencement speech is given each year in June. In recent years the University football stadium, ‘Home of the Champions’, serves as the location for the graduating class who come to sit upon fold-out chairs on the grass of the pitch. Their parents sit behind them on the bleachers of the stadium

Lincoln 6 -Hardship and Resiliance

    Let’s imagine for a moment that a mysterious illness were to sweep into your town or neighbourhood. Not the kind that would just require you to stay home for a few days rewatching a DVD boxset of the Sopranos before returning to health. But a far more sinister kind of ailment that would

Lincoln 5-Ugly as a Scarcrow

    In 1831 the 22 year old Lincoln stood at the stern of his flatboat. At 6’5’’ he towered over his two companions John D. Johnston, and John Hanks who kept busy hands working to secure the valuable cargo and darting eyes on the lookout for oncoming obstacles that might sink their ambitious journey

Lincoln 4-Worthy of their esteem

    On March 29, 1832 the Springfield Journal reported: “On Saturday last the citizens of this place [Springfield] were gratified by the arrival of the steamer Talisman… The safe arrival of a boat of the size of the Talisman on a river never before navigated by steam had created much solicitude, and the shores

Lincoln 3-Principled Leadership

    For those of us who aspire to be leaders or possess an interest in leadership in its own right, it is worth our while to draw both inspiration and a better understanding of the nature of leadership as Lincoln came to define it through his life – before and during his presidency. It

Lincoln 2-Tolstoy Remembers

    During the latter part of Leon Tolstoy’s life, he was often sought-out to comment and offer his opinion on a variety of topics contemporary and historic including his thoughts on the 16th president of the United States on the occasion of Abraham Lincoln’s centennial. In the February 7, 1909 issue of New York

Lincoln 1-The River

    In March, the Sangamon River flows a cold and circuitous route of 246 miles through birch lined banks dusted with frosted silver between Peoria and Springfield Illinois. In that wintery month of 1832, the steamer, christened the Talisman waited in the shoals of the river. The smoke from its smouldering coal fires stretched